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12 climate solutions from children

A Question A Day

To reduce pollution, we use public transport or share the same car. We use bikes, scooters or walk for short trips and only use cars for long trips. We take care to switch off lights and unplug electrical devices that are not being used. To save electricity, we don’t switch on lights during the day and we open the shutters. We choose to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, they come from heated greenhouses or are carried by truck or plane which consumes a lot of energy. We eat less meat. Like that, we raise fewer cows, so there are not so many of them farting and burping methane, a gas that pollutes the air. 

When it’s cold, instead of turning up the heating, we wear warm sweaters, thick socks and slippers. In summer, instead of using air conditioning, we use a fan; boys go topless and girls wear sleeveless T-shirts. We sort our waste to avoid burning bottles and soda cans. They can be recycled to make new objects such as bikes or clothes! We know that trees absorb carbon gases, so we should plant more trees and protect forests. We should ask grown-ups to pass laws to make factories and cars that pollute less. To recharge game consoles, computers, tablets, smart phones or toothbrushes, we’d like to do it easily using water, wind and solar energy. 


Written by children from the school Pierre and Marie Curie, Toulouse.

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