Vidéo : Are apes really going to disappear ?

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Are apes really going to disappear ?

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Yes it’s true. If nothing changes, in 50 years, apes could well have disappeared from the surface of the Earth. Right now, over half of ape species are in danger of extinction. Three quarters have already seen their populations dwindle: 4 of the great ape species are already close to extinction.

But why are apes in danger?

If apes disappear, it’s mainly because their habitat, the forest is disappearing. Indeed, wild forests are being destroyed by man all over the planet. Mainly to sell the wood or to plant crops or raise animals there. Ape habitats are also devastated to build roads or to drill for oil. Moreover, apes are captured for zoos or medical research and hunted for meat or as hunting trophies. Climate change linked to pollution also accelerates the extinction of apes. Human activities are not only endangering apes: elephants, cheetahs or ant eaters also risk extinction for the same reasons. The loss of one species indirectly leads to the loss of other species, because everything is linked in nature. So preserving one species on the other hand, benefits the whole natural environment, even humans!

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