Vidéo : Are the reserves of our planet unlimited ?

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Are the reserves of our planet unlimited ?

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Four and a half billion years ago, our Earth was formed in space, out of gas and minerals. 

Its reserves are priceless. But are they unlimited? And what exactly are they?

The Earth’s resources came about naturally: humans cannot create them and they were already here long before we arrived. Some natural resources are not renewable: the more we take from the Earth, the more the reserves go down. Like oil, natural gas and coal, our main sources of energy. They are not inexhaustible. Some renewable natural resources regenerate regularly. For example, fish. If we don’t “overfish”, they have time to have babies. The same with forests. If we cut down trees, we should replant for future generations. For 20 years, an american organisation has calculated what humans consume in renewable natural resources in a year. They have calculated that we consume in 8 months what we should consume in a year. The Earth has no time to renew its reserves. Why? Because there are a lot of us, (7 billion) and we consume far too much. The reserves of our planet are not unlimited, so we should consume less to give the Earth time to renew them!

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