Vidéo : Can we do without plastic ?

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Can we do without plastic ?

A Question A Day

Plastic… is fantastic! It’s light, strong, cheap to produce and it can be given any shape. So it’s cool! In fact, it’s everywhere. Your toothbrush? Plastic! Your games console? Plastic! It’s even in your clothes!

But hang on, what is plastic?

Plastic is made of oil, plus various chemical products. Every year, 320 million tons of plastic is produced in the world. The problem, is that plastic pollutes! Even if some of the waste is recycled, most ends up in the environment, where it takes centuries to decompose. That’s why some countries have outlawed single-use plastic bags. Anyway, one day, we’ll run out of oil. Then what will we do? One answer is bioplastics, made from renewable materials such as corn, sugar cane or algae. But these processes are expensive. And certain bioplastics, even if they pollute less, still contain other toxic products. The answer? Laugh… Change our habits! Buy loose products, use soap instead of shower gel, choose a water flask… made of metal, prepare paper wrapped snacks… Plastic won’t just disappear, but… there’ll be less of it!

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