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Can AIDS be treated ?

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35 million people in the world are seropositive; that means they’re contaminated by the AIDS virus: HIV. This terrible disease is mainly transmitted during unprotected sexual relations with an infected person. Over 2 million people are infected every year. 

Can you die of AIDS?

Yes, AIDS kills over 1 million people every year. Why? Because the HIV virus gradually destroys the body’s defences against microbes. A person who is HIV positive can catch all sorts of diseases and as their body is not strong enough to defend itself, they can die. At this time, there is no vaccine against HIV but there are ways to protect ourselves: using condoms, for example. There is no cure for AIDS. However, HIV positive patients can live longer thanks to an efficient treatment called tritherapy, which slows the progression of the virus. The problem is, these drugs must be taken every day for life! They make people tired, give them stomach pains and can even harm their heart or kidneys. What about the future? Associations are financing scientific research to find even more effective HIV treatments… But also to find a vaccine that will one day eradicate the disease. We must continue to protect ourselves so as not to catch this terrible virus!

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