Vidéo : Climate change: A bitter taste for Bordeaux wine

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Climate change: A bitter taste for Bordeaux wine

Down to the Earth

As world temperatures soar, Bordeaux wine could be in danger, threatening more than 14,000 winegrowers and the production of 600 million litres of the world-famous French wine.

Current IPCC estimates predict that temperatures in the French wine-making region of Bordeaux could increase by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius by the middle of the century. Hotter weather accelerates the ripening of grapes, resulting in an early harvest, which oenologists worry could irreversibly alter the iconic Bordeaux flavour.

The Down to Earth team met with those who are hard at work to preserve this legacy. Some winegrowers are beginning to adapt to a warmer climate, while others are considering a more radical approach: replacing Bordeaux's traditional grape varieties.


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