Vidéo : Cuisiner du calamar - Apprendre l'anglais

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Cuisiner du calamar - Apprendre l'anglais

The Rich Morning Show

C'est facile d'apprendre à parler anglais avec les videos The Rich Morning Show. Aujourd'hui, Octavia la pieuvre donne une leçon de cuisine.

Titre original : Cooking calamari 

In this monday edition of The Rich Morning Show, we welcome Octavia the octopus for a cooking lesson.

RICH: Hello animals! I'm Rich Morning; this is The Rich Morning Show! Today is magic monday! I hope you're hungry! I know I am! Today we are going to cook calamari with our chef Octavia the octopus! Octavia, what are we going to cook?

OCTAVIA: Today we are going to cook fried calamari!

RICH: Great!

OCTAVIA: Calamari can be delicious!

RICH: I hope so!

OCTAVIA: Do you know what calamari are?

RICH: No idea.



OCTAVIA: Well, calamari are small squids!


OCTAVIA: I'm sorry...

RICH: Don't cry!

OCTAVIA: But some of these calamari are my family! This is little Joseph, my nephew, and this is my young cousin Marie.

RICH: Octavia, are you alright?

OCTAVIA: No, I always cry when I cook family.

RICH: Me too. Uh oh... what's happening? Is it, is it... magic? Amazing! Mmmm! I think it's Joseph! Anyway, that's all for today, thanks for joining us, have a good morning, and we'll see you tomorrow on The Rich Morning Show!

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