Vidéo : Départ en vacances - Apprendre l'anglais

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Anglais02:13Publié le 08/01/2015

Départ en vacances - Apprendre l'anglais

The Rich Morning Show

Apprenez à parler anglais avec les videos d'apprentissage The Rich Morning Show. Aujourd'hui, Rich et Pavel se préparent pour partir en vacances.

Titre original : Leaving for the holidays

Today is the last Rich Morning Show of the season. Rich, Pavel and Octavia are getting ready to spend some time away on vacation.

RICH: Hello animals. Welcome to The Rich Morning Show. Today is our last show. But that's ok, because in two minutes, I'm on vacation! Holidays! Coconuts! Bikinis! Woohoo! Where is everyone? We're going to miss our train!

OCTAVIA : Hello animals! Hello Rich!


OCTAVIA: I brought you a muffin.

RICH: I love muffins. Thank you Octavia.

OCTAVIA: You're welcome!

RICH: Have a seat. Okay, where are the others? Ah ha, Dolores! There you are! Are you ready for the beach? Good. Now, who is missing? Oh it's Pavel! Pavel is always late. Huh...? Wha...? Okay, okay, stop kissing me! You smell like fish. Sit down please. Alright, 1, 2, 3, 4. Okay, everyone's here. Let's move! Animals, we're going on vacation! Say goodbye Octavia!

OCTAVIA: Goodbye!

RICH: Pavel it's this way! Well, thanks for watching! Maybe we'll see you next season for another Rich Morning Show! I forgot my mug. Peace out.


Retrouvez the rich morning show sur le site des cours d'anglais Gymglish.

Réalisateur : Andrew Arnon, Benjamin Levy

Producteur : GymGlish

Année de production : 2008

Publié le 08/01/15

Modifié le 17/01/23

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