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Does the UN have a boss?

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Yes, a sort of boss: the UN Secretary-General. Not a real boss, because he doesn’t direct the United Nations organization, but he represents the 193 member countries. Since the 1st  of January 2017, the Portuguese Antonio Guterres holds the post and will do for 5 years. 

So, what does the UN Secretary-General do?

He works so that the peoples of the world can live in peace, so that their rights are respected and that the resources of the planet are protected. He has to travel a lot and meet heads of state. He ensures they respect their commitments to the UN: for example, that no children work in their country. If it’s not the case, the Secretary-General doesn’t have the power to take sanctions, but he talks with the leaders to convince them to change the situation. However, if he thinks that a country is threatening world peace, he warns the UN… who can send in the blue helmets peacekeeping force, the United Nations army. Since its creation in 1945, the UN has had 9 Secretary-Generals, who acted in function of the situation at the time. Antonio Guterres wants to fight terrorism and stop the war in Syria, a country in the Middle East. It’s a very important and difficult mission… Because the whole world is counting on him!

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