Vidéo : Ellis Island, an immigration station

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Ellis Island, an immigration station

Ellis Island, a history of the American Dream

As the migrants entered the port of New York, they were greeted by the Statue of Liberty. It was the absolute symbol of freedom. People said “there she is”, referencing the monument as their arrived in the New York Bay. First opened in 1892, the immigration station went through numerous transformations. The name “Ellis Island” comes from its previous proprietor: Mr. Samuel Ellis. He was a local merchant and owner of a small tavern catering to fishermen. Ultimately, the Federal Government bought the island from the family in 1808 for $10.000, which was quite a large sum at the time for 3 acres of land. 

Réalisateur : Michaël Prazan

Producteur : Arte France, Les Films d'un jour

Année de production : 2013

Publié le 06/02/15

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