Extension of the conflict, spring 1915

Apocalypse : la Première Guerre mondiale
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1915 : the prolongation of the war

In april 1915, the powerful german army, led by the maréchal Hindenburg, shows its limits. The public opinion begins to find unbearable the numerous dead and injured people. In the Netherlands, remained neutral, The Women for Peace Congress asks for the end of hostilities. But, just the opposite happens. The conflict expands again. Italy enters the war, the 23rd of may, beside France and United Kingdom, with the promise of the reintroduction of Trieste and Trento, cities which still remain in austrian territory. Italy switches its side. In France, the front is deadlock in the trenches. The moral of the troops is very poor. In front of the impass, the Germans decide to strike a major blow in the east, a part of Poland still in russian rule, and take Warsaw.

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