Vidéo : Football avec des poissons

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Football avec des poissons

The Rich Morning Show

Apprenez l'anglais avec les vidéos d'apprentissage The Rich Morning Show. Découvrez aujourd'hui un nouveau jeu qui s'appelle le « football de poisson ».

Titre original : Fish Football 

Let's play "Fish Football" with Rich, your host, and Lucy the deer from Canada.  

RICH: Good morning animals! Welcome to the one, the only, Rich Morning Show! Today is the best day of the week: It's Funky Friday! Now we will play with Pavel. Pavel wake up! The name of today's game is Fish Football. Here is how it works: if someone can score a goal, with this fish, and this fish cannon, everyone will win a fantastic new... unicycle? That's right a unicycle: fun for everyone! Now let's find a contestant! Lucy from Canada! Lucy, what's your name?

LUCY: My name is Lucy.

RICH: Where are you from, Lucy?

LUCY: I'm from Canada.

RICH: Canada? That's wonderful! Let's play the game! Lucy, are you ready?

LUCY: Yes.

RICH: Here we go! Pavel wake up! Woah! Just missed! Woah! So close! Woah! Lucy, you won! You're the big winner! Thanks for joining us on TheRich Morning Show! Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!


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Réalisateur : Andrew Arnon, Benjamin Levy

Producteur : GymGlish

Année de production : 2008

Publié le 08/01/15

Modifié le 11/02/21

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