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For how long have humans been making music ?

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One of the oldest musical instruments ever found is a bone flute over 35,000 years old. But researchers think humans have been singing and beating rhythm since humanity began. In all ages throughout the world, humans have always made music.

So why do humans play music?

In prehistoric times, humans already used instruments. However, no one knows if they were for sacred rituals or just for pleasure. What is sure is that since ancient times, humans have used music to accompany their religious ceremonies. Music was also used for war: the carnyx was an ancient trumpet used by the Celts to lead warriors into battle! But music is above all a means of artistic expression. Musicians performed in front of kings and queens... during tournaments, banquets or in the street, for the people. Most of today’s instruments were invented from the 18th century onwards. Like the piano, around 1710... Or the electric guitar, in 1920! As time went on, many people started to play an instrument. The first national music festival took place in France in 1982. Musicians all over France give free concerts in the streets. Now, 120 countries throughout the world have a music festival on June 21st.

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