Vidéo : The attribution of the Olympics to get out of the crisis

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The attribution of the Olympics to get out of the crisis

Les champions d'Hitler (english version)

Olympic committee gives Germany a chance

Yet all these efforts can't prevent the country from sinking fervour into its slump with the great depression of 1929 thrusting nearly four millions unemployed workers out into the streets. It is one strike and demonstration after another. They provide fuel for a certain Adolf Hitler. Raised by his brown shirts and public opinion that sort an authority figure, he lusts the power more and more. In light of the country's difficulties, the international olympic committee, led by the belgium president, the count de Bailler-Latour, is the first to help Germany out of its crisis. In 1931, they select the Wehrmacht Republic to host the future Summer and Winter Olympics in 1936. Marshal Hindenburg, germany old glory and president of the republic, salutes the olympic banner that will crown Germany's return amongst democratic nations.

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Réalisateur : Jean-Christophe Rosé

Producteur : FTV, Planète, RTS, TV5Monde

Publié le 03/04/19

Modifié le 30/01/20

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