The staging of the Olympic Games' opening in 1936

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Les champions d'Hitler (english version)

Publié le 03/04/19Modifié le 03/04/19

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Berlin Summer Olympic Games in Nazi Germany

1st August, 1936, at last the big day. Goebbels, who was the first to believe in the Games, has reason to rejoice. For the Games, Goebbels asks that the most visible signs of repression and anti-semitism be removed, to put a more appealling image on Germany. Smiling hostesses and the press service have to demonstrate the impeccable german organization for foreign journalists. Never before has an olympic celebration been turned into such a stage spectacular. With ninety one thousands spectators to welcome him, Adolf Hitler has reason to gloat. He declares the opening of the Berlin Games and the 11th Olympiad of the modern era.

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