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How do you make a manga ?

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Mangas are japanese comic strips. Not to be confused with japanese animated cartoons, called anime. In Japan, they are published in magazines in episodes, before coming out in albums. There are mangas for boys (shonen), for girls (shojo), for men (seinen) and women (josei). They are made by mangakas, who do the drawings and the scenario. Mangakas often have assistants, who draw the backgrounds and secondary characters.

But why are mangas different from other comic strips?

Originally, mangas were funny cartoons. Manga comic strips developed especially after the Second World War. At the time, they were inspired by the comic strips, published in american newspapers. Most mangas are black and white. Speech bubbles, panels and pages read from right… to left. The most famous mangaka is Osamu Tezuka, who invented Astro Boy. Between 1947 and 1989, he drew over 170,000 pages! For about 20 years, cartoonists from other countries have been influenced by mangas. They copy their graphic codes, such as big eyes, exaggerated expressions and lines to represent speed. Today, cartoonists from all over the world draw mangas, and some are published in Japan. Fancy that!

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