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How does an electric car work ?

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A car has an engine to drive the wheels. To do that, it needs power. Most cars use fossil fuel and an internal combustion engine. The engine recuperates energy by burning fuel. The polluting gases go out of the exhaust pipe.

But how can a car be driven by electricity?

This is possible thanks to an electric motor and batteries full of electricity. The batteries drive the electric motor which drives the wheels. We can do 120 miles! You fill up with electricity by plugging the car into a charging station in the street or an electric plug outlet at home. Electric cars have always existed. The first was built in 1834. Electric motors and batteries are getting better and better. Now they go further. As the motor doesn’t burn any fuel, there’s no pollution and the cars are very quiet. The batteries are lighter and easier to recharge, but they still cause pollution and are difficult to recycle. We are expecting major progress on the use of wind and solar energy to produce electricity without pollution. Nowadays, there are electric motors on bikes, scooters, buses, boats and even a plane, Solar Impulse, which has just flown around the world.

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