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How is the American president chosen ?

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To become president of the USA, you have to be over 35, be born there and have lived there for at least 14 years. Then… you have to get elected! The Americans choose their president every 4 years by universal indirect voting. What does that mean?

Every citizen can vote, but not directly for their president

They vote for presidential electors, who represent them on election day. As it’s a bit complicated, it takes time… A whole year! Everything starts in January, with the primaries. The Democrats and the Republicans, the 2 main political parties, have to choose their candidate among the volunteers. They organise a first election in each of the 50 states which make up the United States. From one state to another, voting rules can change. Sometimes, the primaries are open to all citizens, sometimes just party members. There are even public debates: caucuses. In July, the candidates are picked. Democrat or Republican, each has to convince everyone that their project is the best. Early November, each citizen gives their vote to one of the presidential electors, who will vote for their favourite candidate. When the votes are counted, we know the winner! But the official proclamation is only made on 6 January. Then the president takes office on the 20th or 21st of January. Good luck, Mr (or Mrs) President!

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