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How long have Pokémon been around?

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The cartoonist Ken Sugimori drew the first Pokémon for a video game in Japan in 1996. But before that, the game’s producer, Satoshi Tajiri spent 7 years inventing them. These creatures appeared over 20 years ago… but were imagined long before that!

Pokémon comes from “Pocket Monster” in English.

Some say Satoshi Tajiri’s inspiration for the Pokémon came from the grasshoppers he had as a boy. By watching them, he noticed that the grasshoppers grew stronger as time went on, and won races more easily. Like competition grasshoppers, Pokémon evolve. For example, Pikachu is an evolution of Pichu and will evolve into Raichu. The number of Pokémon has grown and evolved too! From 150, there are now over 700! With each new videogame that comes out, another generation of Pokémon is created. The Pokémon sun and moon game saw the 7th generation. Did you know? The Pokémon Company is a powerful business, owned by Nintendo, who sell Pokémon images all over the world. Yes, Pokémon appear on billions of objects. It’s a huge market aimed at children and teenagers. There are many original fans of Pikachu and Sacha who play Pokémon Go… sometimes in secret!

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