Vidéo : How long have subway systems existed ?

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How long have subway systems existed ?

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All over the world, most big cities have a subway. This form of transport carries lots of people without meeting any other vehicles. It has famous ancestors: the tramway, underground train or underground funicular. The first subway opened in London in 1863. At the time, it had a… steam locomotive! The electrified Paris subway was inaugurated in 1900. Building work turned the city upside down.

So how did subway systems conquer the world?

As cities get bigger, the subway offers a solution to link the city center to suburbs, at an affordable price for inhabitants. It reduces road traffic and therefore pollution. That’s why most big cities generally want a subway system. Over time, subways have been used for other things. The London Underground became a bomb shelter during the Second World War. Some stations house works of art. In Sweden, the Stockholm subway is nicknamed: the longest museum in the world! New automatic subway systems have no drivers. Escalators allow easy access to the platforms and the seats are more comfortable. And the subway of the future? It will be connected, with the lines displayed on screens, Wi-Fi routers and recharging stations. All aboard!!

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