Vidéo : Is freedom of the press respected worldwide ?

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Is freedom of the press respected worldwide ?

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No. In some countries, it’s very difficult to be a reporter or journalist. It’s even dangerous. In 2015, 110 journalists were killed in the world. 153 are in prison and 54 are being held hostage. Until now, the most dangerous areas were war zones. Today, even in countries at peace, journalists can be in danger. 

But… why attack journalists?

Through their articles and news reports, journalists inform people. By giving them information, they let them form their own opinions about things. Sometimes, journalists report serious situations, or denounce scandals. And… not everybody likes that! A reporter criticizes the government? Put him in prison! Another investigates drug dealers? Eliminate her! 
When reporters can’t express themselves freely, it’s as if there was only one source of information: that dictated by governments. How can we form our own opinion about what’s happening in the world? Fortunately, associations defend journalists and the freedom of speech. On 3 May, everywhere in the world, we celebrate Press Freedom Day. It reminds everybody that press freedom is precious… and fragile.

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