Vidéo : Jouer au billard avec Pavel - Apprendre l'anglais

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Anglais02:10Publié le 08/01/2015

Jouer au billard avec Pavel - Apprendre l'anglais

The Rich Morning Show

Parlez anglais avec les vidéos The Rich Morning Show. Apprenez à jouer au billard avec Rich l'autruche et Pavel le phoque.

Titre original : Playing pool with Pavel the seal

In this wednesday edition of The Rich Morning Show, learn how to play pool with Rich and Pavel the seal.

RICH: Pavel! What are you doing here? Get back in your cage! Good morning animals! I am Rich Morning, and I am the host of The Rich Morning Show! Welcome to a weird wednesday! Does anyone like pool? Good. Animals, get ready for Pavel's pool shot! Pavel, can you explain this shot to us?

PAVEL: Uh Huh Huh!

RICH: Oh, that's right you can't talk. I'll explain it! The cue ball is going to hit the red ball into the corner, turn right and hit the yellow ball. Then it will go around the blue ball, make a u-turn, and do a little dance! Finally, it will turn left and hit the green ball! Got it? Good! Okay, Pavel, go go go!

PAVEL: Uh Huh!

RICH: Okay... that went well, I think. Good job Pavel. Anyway, thanks for joining us animals, we hope you enjoyed this weird wednesday. See you tomorrow!


Retrouvez the rich morning show sur le site des cours d'anglais Gymglish.

Réalisateur : Andrew Arnon, Benjamin Levy

Producteur : GymGlish

Année de production : 2008

Publié le 08/01/15

Modifié le 02/12/22

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