Vidéo : La roue de la fortune avec Marissa le perroquet - Apprendre l'anglais

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La roue de la fortune avec Marissa le perroquet - Apprendre l'anglais

The Rich Morning Show

C'est facile d'apprendre à parler anglais avec les vidéos The Rich Morning Show. Aujourd'hui, Marissa le perroquet va jouer à « La Roue de la fortune ».

Titre original : Round thing of fortune with Marissa the parrot

Today in The Rich Morning Show, Marissa the parrot will try to play "Round thing of fortune" with your host, Rich Morning.

RICH: Good morning animals and welcome to The Rich Morning Show! Today is terrific tuesday! Guess what? It's time to play "Round thing of fortune"! Great! Let's meet our first guest... you! Marissa, you are a parrot and a bodyguard. Marissa, what do you do for a living? What's your job?

MARISSA: Ca-caw!

RICH: Cool! Marissa, today's word has five letters. It's a verb, and here is a clue: It's another word for "talk". Ready? Go!

MARISSA: Ready? Go!

RICH: Yes, go ahead Marissa!

MARISSA: Yes, go ahead Marissa!

RICH: It's time to guess a letter now.

MARISSA: It's time to guess a letter now!

RICH: Oh! This isn't working. Audience, should we help Marissa? Okay! Pavel, could you turn over all the letters please? Marissa the answer is right in front of you, all you have to do is say it! What's the word?

MARISSA: Ca-caw!

RICH: Oh. To speak, Marissa, to speak! Parrots usually speak! Anyway, thanks for playing, see you tomorrow on The Rich Morning Show.

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Année de production : 2008

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