Vidéo : The Allies victory and the armistice

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The Allies victory and the armistice

Apocalypse : la Première Guerre mondiale

How does the First World War end ?

France, early october 1918, Foch's powerfull counter-offensives advance along the entire front, with the help of Americans, Belgians, Canadians and British. Many Germans surrender when the final effort to hold the line fails. Most of them feel only relief. There's no need, on the battlefield, of propaganda now. Cameramen go back to Germany to film the revolution. Sailors are mutinying, workers councils control the major cities. On november 9th 1918, the kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and seeks refuge in the Netherlands. It's the end of the great empires and the monarchs. On november 11th 1918, the envoys of the provisional german government sign the armistice. Germany accepts defeat and requests the end to hostilities.

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Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

Producteur : CC&C, idéacom International Inc

Année de copyright : 2013

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