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Le jeu du monde sous-marin

The Rich Morning Show

C'est facile d'apprendre à parler anglais avec les vidéos The Rich Morning Show. Pavel le phoque va aujourd'hui jouer à un jeu vidéo.

Titre original : Underwater world

In this friday edition of The Rich Morning Show, Pavel the seal plays a video game called Underwater World.

RICH: Good morning animals! It's me, Rich Morning! And welcome to a very funky friday! Who likes video games? Nobody? Because today Pavel is going to play a video game!

PAVEL: Uh huh!

RICH: Pavel, are you ready to rock and roll? 

PAVEL: Uh huh huh!

RICH: Good! This game is called Underwater World! Wow! Pavel is inside the machine, he's going to live the game! Pavel has three lives! Watch out! A fisherman! Look, Pavel caught a fish and got a mega boost! Be careful Pavel! Here comes the monster! Ooh! Looks like Pavel was eaten by the monster! Anyway thanks for watching, have a good weekend, and remember, monsters can eat you!

Retrouvez the rich morning show sur le site des cours d'anglais Gymglish.

Réalisateur : Andrew Arnon, Benjamin Levy

Producteur : GymGlish

Année de production : 2008

Publié le 08/01/15

Modifié le 16/10/20

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