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Musique urbaine russe - Apprendre l'anglais

The Rich Morning Show

C'est facile d'apprendre à parler anglais avec les vidéos d'apprentissage The Rich Morning Show. Aujourd'hui, Rich l'autruche accueille deux musiciens sur le plateau.

Titre original : Russian urban music

In this special edition of The Rich Morning Show on thunderous thursday, Rich welcomes a music duo from Russia: MC Yevgeni and DJ Wolf.

RICH: Yo Yo Yo Yo Doggy Dogs! Welcome to a super dope Rich Morning Show! Today is a thunderous thursday! Today we have a special musical guest in the house! Please welcome, from Vladivostok, MC Yevgeni Fresh and DJ Wolf face killer!

MC Yevgeni: Da! Come on 1,2, Rich Morning! Let me hear you make some noise, you animals! Let's do this! They call me Yevgeni, Russia's fattest MC, Many eat a lot, but none as much as me, My mother says "Yevgeni, you must lose some weight" I say "Mamma be quiet, pass me one more plate!" I need food! My comrades say I'm heavy but I just don't care, I fart in their faces, because I like to share, When I go to disco, I do Yevgeni's dance, My belly is so big that I split my pants! Big up to The Rich Morning Show! Peace out!

RICH: MC Yevgeni Fresh and DJ Wolf Face Killer everyone! Yevgeni, that was super duper fantastic! Say, could you recommend a good restaurant near Vladivostok?

MC Yevgeni: Da.

RICH: Great! Let's talk later. See you tomorrow animals, have a great day and remember Russians and wolves are nothing to be afraid of!


Retrouvez the rich morning show sur le site des cours d'anglais Gymglish.

Réalisateur : Andrew Arnon, Benjamin Levy

Producteur : GymGlish

Année de production : 2008

Publié le 08/01/15

Modifié le 17/01/23

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