Vidéo : Stalin receives a letter denouncing his own children

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Stalin receives a letter denouncing his own children

Apocalypse : Staline

On october 15th, 1942, after two months of terrible combats, Hitler's troops have reached their goal : the shores of the Volga. Across the river, the Russians regroup and are confident by a unexpected declaration by Stalin: "Tomorrow, we shall dance in the streets". What does Stalin mean ? He knows that his military chief of state, general Joukov, is secretly preparing a counter-offensive. The fate of his country hangs in the balance but Stalin also has some personnal matters to contend with. He awaits the visit from Beria, the fearest head of the secret police. Stalin is asked for an investigation about a letter of denunciation about his own children, Vassili and Svetlana.

Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

Producteur : Clarke Costelle & Cie

Année de copyright : 2015

Année de production : 2015

Année de diffusion : 2015

Publié le 27/03/19

Modifié le 15/10/19

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