Vidéo : The assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo

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The assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo

Apocalypse : la Première Guerre mondiale

What are the causes of the First World War ?

Sarajevo. The capitale of Bosnia has just been annexed par the austro-hungarian empire despite the opposition of Serbia. Because Serbia wants to expend by uniting the slavic people of the Balkans.
June 28th 1914, Sarajevo, Franz Ferdinand, the heir of the austro-hungarian crown, and his wife were shot dead with a pistole by a nationalist bosnian, aged of 19 years old. This assassination in Sarajevo will have unimaginable consequences. First, it was considered as a far away incident for the United Kingdom and France : those eastern countries were named the powder keg of the Balkans. In 1912, two balkan wars cause 200 000 dead people. By 1914, George V, the king of the United Kingdom, and Raymond Poincaré, the french president, have no sense of what is about to explode. After the funeral of Franz Ferdinand, the countdown to war begins...

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Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

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