Vidéo : The disappearence of Stalin's wife

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The disappearence of Stalin's wife

Apocalypse : Staline

Stalin's wife confronts her husband

The starvation organized by Stalin from the early thirties is the most catastrophic, especially in Ukraine. Five millions of human beings die of starvation. Nadejda, Stalin's wife, is the only one to dare talk to him about Russians suffering. While his people are dying of starvation, Stalin enjoys his datchas, his sumptuous villas spread throughout Russia, his american luxury car. He directs his country by telegrams, letters and by summoning his collaborators. Nadjda no longer recognizes her husband and calls him a executioner. During the night of the 7th of november 1942, after the commemoration festivities of the revolution, she is found dead from a bullet in the heart, a pistol in her hand. The police immediately concludes at a suicide but the rumour that she was killed by Stalin after a violent quarrel is spreading. Stalin is absent during the solemn funeral.

Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

Producteur : Clarke Costelle & Cie

Année de copyright : 2015

Année de production : 2015

Année de diffusion : 2015

Publié le 27/03/19

Modifié le 12/01/22

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