Vidéo : The reappropriation of the Games by Nazi Germany

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The reappropriation of the Games by Nazi Germany

Les champions d'Hitler (english version)

Nazi Germany and the symbolic of the Olympic Games 

When they visit Greece, the german organizers decide to anchor the games more firmly in Antiquity and come up with a few innovations of his own behind the back of the olympic authorities. They decide to light a flame destined to join Berlin and select 3,341 runners who will relay Olympia to Germany. This flame crosses Bulgaria, Romania, Austria and Czechoslovakia : countries on which the Reich is already eyeing. Hitler and Goebbels decide to entrust Leni Riefenstahl, a german director with filming and staging the Olympic Games.

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Réalisateur : Jean-Christophe Rosé

Producteur : FTV, Planète, RTS, TV5Monde

Publié le 03/04/19

Modifié le 30/01/20

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