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What is the russian revolution of 1917 ?

Russia, february 1917, czar Nicholas II is still in the field, commanding the army. In the capital, czarina Alexandra Romanova, is governing instead. The russian people hate her, convinced she is a german spy. In this climate of madness, the hitten religious fervour, the tsar must face a tragedy: the death toll. 1,5 million russian soldiers are dead, close to 5 millions have been wounded. The russian army begins to mutiny, many soldiers abandon their post to join their wives who, on february 23rd 1917, in Saint Petersburg, march against the war, famine and the loss or the absence of their husbands. They are joined by students and workers. It is the start of the russian revolution. In the russian capital, the army garrison, responsible for the maintainig of civilian order, sides with the rebels. On march 15th, czar Nicholas II abdicates.

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Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

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