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What are drugs ?

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Every year, over 230 million people in the world take drugs. Most smoke a plant called cannabis. Like all drugs, it blocks out information from the brain and alters sensations. On the one hand, it makes people feel happy. On the other, it destroys the brain and the body.

But if it’s bad for your health, why do people take drugs?

Drugs have been around since ancient times. In many languages, the word also means “medicines”. Some drugs come from plants. Poppy seeds are transformed into heroin; coca leaves become cocaine. Other drugs are made in laboratories, like ecstasy or LSD. These drugs are very dangerous, even in small doses. Every year, they kill hundreds of thousands of people in the world… And drug traffickers take over 300 billion dollars. Selling drugs is forbidden everywhere, but certain countries allow people to take drugs. In many countries, tobacco and alcohol are considered as legal drugs. People get dependent on them quickly; yet they are sold freely. Drugs can be swallowed, smoked, sniffed or injected. To start with, users find themselves at ease and full of energy! They see, smell and hear differently. Later, they become tired, sad, anxious or sick. So… they want to take more! They become dependent. In time, their bodies are damaged, reflexes and memory are diminished; they become violent or depressed. Yet, there are other ways to be happy, no?

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