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What are endocrine disruptors ?

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Endocrine disruptors are substances that are dangerous for our health. We can’t see or smell them, but they are all around us: in the air, food and water. They come from chemical products like insecticides, cleaning products or cigarette smoke. They can be found in everyday objects: a plastic lunchbox, nice-smelling shower gel, sports clothes or your mom’s lipstick.

But why are endocrine disruptors bad for your health?

Because they disrupt a highly-tuned system in the body: the endocrine or hormonal system. This system is a communication system inside the body that uses messengers called hormones. These hormones are carried by the blood to the different organs and trigger actions. They signal to the body to grow up or feel hungry, cold or sleepy. They also manage stress and body weight, regulate the level of sugar in the blood and many other things. Endocrine disruptors are a bit like hormones. They replace the real hormones, but they don’t give the right signals. Over time, they poison the body and can lead to serious illnesses.

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