What is an albino person?

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Have you ever seen a white rabbit with red eyes? It’s an albino: from the Latin meaning “white”. Albinism is a disease that can affect animals, plants and humans. Their skin, fur, hair and eyes are white… or slightly pink.

But why are albinos all white?

Normally, the body produces melanin: it’s a pigment that colours the skin, hair and eyes, and helps the eyes to see. Albinos don’t produce melanin, or not enough. So some albinos have marks on their skin and white hair. Some have coloured skin and hair but see badly. However, mostly they are all white. This rare disease is inherited from their family: it’s a genetic disease. It can’t be cured. It affects girls and boys of all colours, even… Whites! The problem is that melanin protects the skin from the sun. Albinos have to cover their skin all the time. Even more serious: their eyes are damaged. They see badly, can become blind and can’t stand the light. Yet, what bothers albino people most, is the way others look at them: some make fun of them and in certain countries, people mistreat them. Yet they are just like everyone else and can become doctors, judokas, singers like Salif Keita, or Connie Chiu, the Chinese model with purple eyes.

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