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What is a musical ?

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A musical is a show with dance, songs and dialogue between characters that tells a story. Whether it be a love story or an historical story, its main aim is to entertain the audience. 

Okay, but how did a musical start?

The first musical was created in the United States over 150 years ago. But there were a lot of very successful musicals in the 1930s. At the time, the United States was in a deep economic crisis. People were worried and musicals made them feel better. Everything was designed to make people dream. Especially the wonderful sets that were even more important than the story! Broadway, an avenue in New York, became famous for its theatres and musicals. It still is today, 80 years later. Hit shows go on tour worldwide for many years. Quickly, movies were made as musicals. Some actors/singers/dancers were so talented that they became very famous. Like Fred Astaire. Today, musicals come from other countries too, like England and France. But big hits, like La La Land, that came out in 2016, are still often… made in America!

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