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What is a terrorist attack ?

A Question A Day

You have probably heard about the tragic events of 9/11 in the United States, or Nice, in France, after the 14th July firework display, 2016. They were both violent attacks carried out by terrorists. These people use violence to impose their ideas on religion, politics or lifestyle. As if violence was the only way of saying you don’t agree ! You know of course that violence doesn’t solve anything… Terrorists often use bombs, that they set off in public places. Sometimes, they even blow themselves up! That’s called a suicide attack. They take people by surprise, and these attacks kill lots of innocent people. They are so terrible that everyone talks about them. They mark people’s minds.

Now, you may think there are lots of terrorist attacks.

Yet, terrorist attacks are rare and don’t just happen in France. Especially as governments do everything they can to stop them happening. After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo or those in Paris in November 2015, perhaps you drew a picture saying how you felt, or lit a candle. It’s a way of remembering the victims of those attacks. To not forget them and to say: “Never again!”

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