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What is “Beauty and the Beast” ?

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It’s a famous story written in 1757 by a french writer, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The heroine of this story is a beautiful young girl called… Beauty, who meets a beastly man, called… the Beast! The story is really about tolerance and growing up. It has inspired many movies and plays.

But what is the story of Beauty and the Beast, exactly?

Beauty is the daughter of a ruined merchant. She is humble and generous, unlike her sisters. During a trip, her father gets lost in the forest and discovers the Beast’s enchanted castle. But when he picks a rose for Beauty, he makes the Beast so angry that the Beast demands his death or that of one of his children. Beauty decides to sacrifice herself to save her father. Locked up in the castle, she learns to know the Beast and even loves him in the end. The spell is broken and the Beast turns back into a prince. The moral of the story is that kindness is rewarded by love and you should never judge someone by their appearance. You must have seen the 1991 Disney cartoon, with animated objects! It’s a classic! Disney has released a live-action remake with real actors; a formula already used successfully with Cinderella. There have been many versions of Beauty and the Beast over the years, and in the latest version, Belle is played by Emma Watson who played Hermione in Harry Potter movies.

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