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What is biodiversity ?

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Biodiversity is what makes nature so surprising, varied and creative! We talk of biodiversity in a species; for example, there are all sorts of cats in different sizes and colors. Or in a place where several different species live. The more species that live there, the greater the biodiversity. But we can also talk about the planet’s biodiversity. Then we talk about different environments like the forest, the desert or the ocean. In fact, biodiversity, is the opposite of a nature where everything would be exactly the same.

But why is biodiversity important?

Because the more varied, original and different nature is, the more resistant it is. For example, imagine that in the future on Earth, there were only brown cows… and there was a disease that only attacked brown cows? Boom, no more cows! Now, if we had kept a bigger variety of cows, there would still be cows left. Things are not that bad yet! But we must be careful; humans are gradually changing nature and reducing biodiversity. We cut down forests, and use products to kill certain insects in large numbers… We’re messing with nature. And that’s not always a good idea, because we might be wiping out some of nature’s hidden treasures.

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