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What is Daesh ?

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It’s a Terrorist organization that appeared about 10 years ago. It’s also known as the Islamic State or ISIS.

It’s mainly based in Iraq and in Syria, two countries in the Middle East. In these countries, Daesh wants to violently impose a Caliphate. That is a state run according to the islamic laws. To do so, Daesh fights wars and carries out terrorist attacks. France and other countries are bombing this terrorist organization in Syria and in Iraq. This is to stop Daesh developing, as they want to spread to all muslim countries. The terrorists decided to attack France. They are responsible for many terrorist attacks, including the one against Charlie Hebdo in 2015 in Paris. 

Daesh claims to act in the name of islam but the majority of muslim say that their religion is tainted by these terrorists. The Daesh vision of islam is that of cruel and intolerant religion especially towards women and non-muslims. However, most victims of these terrorist attacks are muslims who don’t agree with the ideas of Daesh. Yet, some people continue to confuse muslims with islamic terrorists. In France, for example, the muslim community is poorly regarded after each terrorist attack. Even though the huge majority of french muslims want to live in peace and accept the laws of our land.

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