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What is fasting ?

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To fast is to abstain from food for a period of time, and may include not drinking. Adults can fast for several days without putting their health at risk. When they start to eat again, we say they are “breaking the fast”. That’s where the word “break-fast” comes from!

But why do certain people fast? 

It may be a religious tradition, like the Ramadan, in the muslim religion. This fast lasts from sunrise to sunset for one month every year. During the day, it is forbidden to eat or drink. People catch up at night! This ritual, which starts at puberty, helps to be in communion with those suffering from hunger. In the christian religion, there is Lent. At the end of winter, christians celebrate the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. The word carnival comes from latin and means to “put away meat”! Lent is more or less strict; it’s a period where people eat lightly, no meat, especially on Good Friday before Easter Sunday. Some people fast to protest against an injustice. That’s a hunger strike. Finally, fasting has become fashionable to purify the body from toxic substances. But you are still a child, so you shouldn’t fast. Your body needs a regular and varied diet.

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