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What is flu ?

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Flu is a disease caused by a virus. This virus keeps you in bed with a high temperature, feeling very tired, aching all over with a headache. It hits temperate regions in winter, and tropical regions all your round. 

But how do you catch flu?

When someone with flu coughs or sneezes, thousands of little drops full of virus are sprayed all around them! After 5 minutes on your skin, the virus dies. However, it can survive the whole day on clothes and tissues, and several days on door handles and lift buttons. You can catch flu through contact with the sick person, or just by touching contaminated objects. The problem is that several days go by before you know you’ve got flu. That’s when you’re the most contagious. That’s how the virus is spread: millions of people get sick. What’s worse, flu often kills elderly people. To protect themselves, people who are fragile and healthcare workers are vaccinated in the fall. A network of doctors monitors the spread of the disease and publishes a kind of flu “weather” bulletin every week. Here are some good tips to beat the flu: wash your hands often with soap; sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue; then wash your hands again!

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