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What is light pollution ?

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In 2003, high school student Jennifer Barlow created International Dark Sky Week, which is celebrated world-wide in April. A week to celebrate dark skies because the night is disappearing because of increasing light pollution.

Light pollution is caused by public lighting which harms the environment. 

Light pollution is not felt as much as air pollution because you have to be above the air to see the millions of city lights. In Europe 99% of the population can hardly see the stars. The whole world’s affected and 80% of all countries have light pollution. In Canada for example, Toronto has so many lights that the observatory had to close down. Star gazing is just impossible. 

Artificial light also affects animals. Migrating birds flying at night can become disoriented and loose their way. Insects are attracted by street lights and fly around them until they drop or become easy pray for bats. The balance of the food chain is disrupted by the death of billions of insects. So, for the good of animals and the planet, we should cut down on the lights. Turn off the lights to turn the stars back on and reconnect with the universe.

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