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What is rock music ?

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It’s a style of music that appeared in the 1950s… That’s right! Your grandparents were there when rock began! But rock‘n’roll is also a style of rhythmic dance… Sometimes even acrobatic!

Rock music was created in the United States.

It’s a mix of different styles like black rhythm and blues, country and jazz. The most famous rock artists are Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Nirvana or the group U2. Many countries have famous rock stars like Johnny Hallyday in France, or Bryan Adams from Canada.

There are different styles of rock: “pop rock” is quite soft, “heavy metal” is very energetic, and “punk rock” is loud and aggressive! To make rock music, the musical instruments need electricity. Guitar, bass, drums and keyboards: the basic tools of rock musicians! The singers don’t sing; they yell into the mic! Sometimes they even use bad language. Their songs talk about their anger or sad things in their lives, such as breaking up. Their image is very important: black T-shirts, torn jeans, leather boots. They wear tattoos and mohawk hairstyles! And on stage, they go crazy! They smash their guitars and dive into the crowd! So, when we listen to rock music, we shout, dance, jump around and have a ball!

Written by the children of the “Mini Rock en Seine 2016” workshops.

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