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What is the abyss?

A Question A Day

71% of the Earth’s surface is made up of seas and oceans. But we don’t know much about the ocean depths, because humans have only been able to get there recently, using special submarines.

The abyss or ocean bottom is about 3,000 m deep and sometimes even 10,000 m! 

To live in this extreme environment, animals have had to adapt and find survival strategies. They’ve had to get used to a world without light, high pressure, icy temperatures and not much food. That’s right! As there’s not much light, there are no plants to eat. Deep sea creatures eat what comes from the surface: plankton and fish… But there’s not much, and some can stay for weeks without eating! So they don’t have much energy. Some have huge heads to be able to catch anything that comes their way. Some have soft bodies… to be able to stand the tons and tons of water weighing down on them! But what’s really magic are fish that adapt to the lack of light… by making light themselves! Like the angler fish that lures its prey thanks to its fishing rod antenna that lights up! Deep sea creatures are fascinating… And there are still lots more to discover!

Nom de l'auteur : Jacques Azam

Producteur : Milan Presse, France Télévisions

Année de copyright : 2018

Publié le 27/08/18

Modifié le 21/03/19

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