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What is the brain ?

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The brain is an organ that is indispensable for the body to work. It is protected by the skull, like a walnut in its shell, and controls vital functions. Thanks to the brain, you can breathe, move, and eat… But also feel emotions, have memories and dream.

How does the brain work?

The brain is a supercomputer, connected 24/7 to the rest of your body. It receives information constantly from your skin, eyes and ears,… hich are transmitted by billions of neurons; cells that communicate with each other by electrical impulses. These impulses are carried through the body by “cables” called nerves. They pass through the spinal-cord in your backbone right up to your brain! It’s your nervous system.

Information sent to the brain is then treated in a different zone. If you taste a hot chilli pepper, a signal is sent… to the gustatory or taste cortex. This part of the brain analyses the information and sends it to the decision-making zone. The order is then sent to the motor cortex, which commands movement and the signal is sent back. All in less than a quarter of a second! “Spit out the chilli pepper”! The brain is a bit like your body’s boss: it organises your blood circulation, breathing and digestion… And allows you to interact with your environment and other people. In short, your brain lets you… live!

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