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What is the G7 ?

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The G-7 is a meeting of the leaders of 7 countries, the biggest industrial and economic powers in the world. They make decisions mainly in the field of economics and finance. Every year they meet for a summit, a sort of big meeting, which is held in a different country every time.

What does the G-7 do exactly?

The G-7 group is made up of Germany, Canada, France, the United States, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. It is the opportunity for their leaders to choose the direction of the world’s future, in an officially “relaxed” atmosphere. They can coordinate their response to a world economic crisis for example. But the statements made at the end of the summit are not always really applied. Many citizens think that the G-7 is a way for the richest countries to impose their politics and their economic vision on the rest of the world. Some demonstrate their discontentment outside the meetings, and there are often clashes with the police. Yet, these movements defend democracy, social and economic justice, protection of the environment and human rights. There is also a J7, a junior summit meeting. Participants are aged 14 to 17. They give a statement to the G-7 leaders to give a young people’s viewpoint on the challenges the planet is facing!

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