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Why do we do sports ?

A Question A Day

Walking, running, pedalling, playing soccer: we do sports every day. Yet, all this movement is tiring! And you could hurt yourself... Some people think sports are a waste of time.

So, why do sports?

When you move, 600 muscles in your body work to make you fitter and stronger. When your muscles are strong, your bones grow properly and become more robust. Doing sports regularly keeps the body’s machine in good shape: your brain, lungs, your heart. The body uses your fat and your sugar. That’s not all: you become more agile, can catch a ball or do a cartwheel. You learn how to make efforts to progress. You must also obey the rules of the game.

It’s not always easy… But when you do, you’re happy. Your brain even makes a sort of “pleasure potion”, endorphin. It makes you forget you’re angry or sad. Especially as often we do sports with friends or family. It’s a good way of sharing, to find our place and measure ourselves against others without having a fight. Sports let us discover things: on the ground, in the water or in the air, there are dozens of sports that exist where you can meet people who love what they do. Doctors say we should do an hour of sports every day. Take your mark, get set, go !

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