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What is Valentine’s Day ?

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We celebrate love and romance on Valentine’s Day! It is on 14th February every year. It’s the opportunity to tell someone how you feel or please the one you love. We offer presents, such as chocolates or flowers, go out to the restaurant or send a love letter. St Valentine’s Day has become very commercial. A few days before, you see big hearts in shop windows, pictures of couples on posters, or adverts for jewelry… There are many explanations as to the origins. For example, a priest called Valentine  used to marry Roman soldiers even though it was forbidden. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that birds chose their partners on 14th February. Boys and girls started sending each other love letters on that date. In the 19th century, Valentine cards appeared with hearts, lace and flowers… and the tradition continued until today where Valentine cards have big red hearts on them!

Is Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world?

Some countries have adopted it, while others have their own celebration for lovers like the 12th June in Brazil. Traditions vary, in North America, adults and children send several Valentine and friendship cards. Are you going to send a card to your girlfriend or boyfriend?

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