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What’s a vegetarian ?

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Since time began, humans have been omnivores: eating anything! Animals, plants and seeds…Yet, some people decide not to eat meat and fish. They become vegetarians. That means they don’t eat animal flesh. No more steak, chicken nuggets or sardines. 

But is it healthy to become vegetarian? 

It’s not a problem! We can find the equivalent proteins and lipids that are in meat and fish… in vegetables. Low in fat, the vegetarian diet is good for your health. That’s why some people choose it. Others choose it because the idea of eating animals is quite simply unbearable. They particularly condemn livestock farming conditions and the way animals are slaughtered. In India, over a 3rd of the population is vegetarian through religious belief.  It’s the country that has the most vegetarians in the world!

Some vegetarians are vegans, which means they don’t eat any products derived from animals such as milk, eggs and honey. Strict vegans do not use any products derived from animals, even for clothes! No leather, wool or silk. More and more semi-vegetarians or flexitarians are eating less meat while not giving up meat altogether. 

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