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What use is science ?

A Question A Day

Science is not just a subject at school. It’s all around you and is useful for lots of things. When you watch TV, take a plane, take an aspirin or ride your bike… It’s all science! However, science is not just about making machines… or medicines. Science helps us understand and explain the world around us.

Scientists do research… to solve mysteries.

Scientists are curious. They observe and ask questions which they try and answer. So, once they have a question, they imagine hypotheses, or answers they think are correct. To check out these hypotheses, they invent and carry out experiments. They do the experiments several times to be sure they always get the same result. When it doesn’t work…, scientists invent other experiments. Sometimes, they even have to start all over and imagine new hypotheses. Once they’re sure, they work out a theory, which is the real answer to the question. This new knowledge is then spread all over the world. It can help other researchers to answer their questions or invent new technologies. That’s… scientific progress!

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